1. Livadi was born in Celje, in present-day Slovenia.
  2. It lies on the regional road from ` marje to Celje.
  3. The railway line from Celje to Zagreb runs through the settlement.
  4. Countess Kantakuzina Katarina Brankovi of Celje ( 1434 56 ) held Slavonia.
  5. They are based in Celje, Slovenia's third largest city.
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  7. It lies on the Hudinja River, north of Celje.
  8. She's a member of Judo Club Sankaku Celje.
  9. Celje Castle is visited by approximately 60, 000 people every year.
  10. The building of the Celje Post Office stands at 9 Krek Square.
  11. Some of the exhibits are now housed in the Celje Regional Museum.
  12. After Zagreb he had short stints in Pivovarna Laako Celje.
  13. His transfer was not a big success and he returned to Celje.
  14. During his club career, ` nofl played for Celje.
  15. The railway line from Celje to Rogaaka Slatina runs through the settlement.
  16. He is also the director of the Celje Institute for Cultural Performances.
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