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  1. They also collaborated in canvases found in the Weiss Collection in Bologna, also in tombs of the Certosa of Bologna.
  2. An aspect that distinguishes the Certosa of Bologna from other monumental cemeteries of Europe is derived from the complex articulation of its use of space.
  3. In 1803-1804 for the Certosa of Bologna, he helped decorate and design the funeral monument to Carlo Mondini, working alongside the ornamentalist Petronio Rizzi.
  4. The adjacent grounds, like those of the Certosa of Bologna, were converted to a main public cemetery ( Cimitero Cittadino ) by architect Ferdinando Canonici, razing the old church and part of the cloister.
  5. At the cemetery founded at the Certosa of Bologna, he completed ( now lost ) works for the funeral monuments of Luigi Berti and Rosalia Velluti Zati; in these he worked alongside Gaetano Caponeri and Luigi Busatti.
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  7. Another attributed work is a fresco of the " Madonna in Glory with Four Saints " for the bell-tower of the church of San Francesco; a " Madonna with Angels " for the Certosa of Bologna; and a " Madonna and Child " for the Foscarari chapel in the church of San Petronio.


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