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  1. He painted a St . Benedict for the Certosa of Pavia.
  2. He also contributed sculptural reliefs of the early life of Christ to the Certosa of Pavia.
  3. He returns to Lombardy to complete altarpieces for the Certosa of Pavia and a church at Casalpusterlengo.
  4. In 1465, he painted frescoes for the Certosa of Pavia along with the Pavian painter Bertolino della Canonica.
  5. Buildings which he worked on include the Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, and the Certosa of Pavia.
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  7. In 1501 he sculpted reliefs with " Stories of the Carthusians " and " life of St . Bruno " for the Certosa of Pavia.
  8. Tamagnino then won the prestigious contract for the fa鏰de of the Certosa of Pavia, to be installed under the aegis of Father Amedeo and Antonio Mantegazza.
  9. He was born to a family of sculptors, and collaborated with his brother San Lorenzo in Milan, and for the facade of the Certosa of Pavia.
  10. He is known for painting vedute of Venice and Milan, and also interior persepectives of buildings such as the Certosa of Pavia and the Cathedral of Milan.
  11. Around 1445 he is known to be working in decorations for the church of the Villa in Castiglione Olona, the Duomo of Milan and the Certosa of Pavia, where Guiniforte was director of the works.
  12. The Archangel Michael from Perugino's triptych in the Certosa of Pavia * The Archangel Michael was recognized as the patron saint of Cornwall in medieval times; his cult however was introduced to the land by the Normans
  13. Among his other works, he collaborated with his brother Antonio on the fa鏰de of the Certosa of Pavia ( relief with the " Expulsion from the Garden of Eden " ), one of the masterworks of northern Italy's Renaissance.
  14. Put on his mettle by this mortifying transaction, he produced the masterpiece of the " Madonna and Saints " for the Certosa of Pavia, now disassembled and scattered among museums : the only portion in the Certosa is " God the Father with cherubim ".
  15. Tamagnino's qualification, almost unique, was to have performed much of the decoration on the marble facade of the Certosa of Pavia, while Gasparo Cairano leveraged a spectacular leap of artistic quality, which had already produced the first " Caesars " at the public Palazzo.
  16. Gian Galeazzo, upon ascending to the throne at Pavia, remains content to study, retreating from the mess of Italian politics in Northern Italy, and focussing on his Certosa of Pavia and provided help and counsel in the construction of the Duomo in Milan when he became Signore of all Milan, following the overthrow of Bernab?Visconti.
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