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  1. Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Chadds Ford, Pa ., 11 . 4 million shares.
  2. The Harveys had been maltsters in both England and in Chadds Ford.
  3. The company then created a connection between the two lines at Chadds Ford.
  4. The engagement took place in Chadds Ford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
  5. John Milner Architects of Chadds Ford, PA, led the restoration of the farmhouse.
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  7. At the Chadds Ford Inn, Wyeth occupied his regular seat at a corner table.
  8. Wyeth still lives nearby in Chadds Ford, though he spends his summers in Maine.
  9. Hurd worked as Wyeth's assistant at Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, for a number of years.
  10. Chadds Ford locals were sure that they knew the truth.
  11. Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Chadds Ford, Pa ., 11.4 million shares.
  12. Landscapes and portraits of people from the Chadds Ford area were presented at the exhibit.
  13. Anthony Wayne's 2, 000 troops in two Pennsylvania brigades defended Chadds Ford in the center.
  14. He sent the right wing under Wilhelm von Knyphausen to advance directly on Chadds Ford.
  15. Made in Chadds Ford, Pa ., the Premium Seam dome is 60 feet in diameter.
  16. The derelict Chadds Ford-Wawa section destroyed by Hurricane Agnes remains intact and is owned by SEPTA.
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