chambers brothers造句


  1. The story revolved around the 20th anniversary of the Chambers Brothers.
  2. Chambers Brothers, " Time Has Come ."
  3. It contains a sample of " Funky " by The Chambers Brothers.
  4. Prince also samples a harmonica solo from a recording by The Chambers Brothers.
  5. Now, Fidelity Investments has the Chambers Brothers.
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  7. In 1944, Brian Keenan, drummer with the psychedelic soul group the Chambers Brothers.
  8. One campaign featured the Chambers Brothers'1968 hit " Time Has Come Today ."
  9. Among the performers who got their start there were Taj Mahal, Canned Heat and the Chambers Brothers.
  10. He is backed by a fictitious band that includes legendary guitarist, Willie Chambers of The Chambers Brothers.
  11. Edited by the Chambers brothers, Robert and William, it applied the philosophy of utilitarianism to practical issues.
  12. They took on " Chambers's Edinburgh Journal " and other work for the Chambers brothers.
  13. Also on the bill are Fleetwood Mac, Judy Collins, the Chambers Brothers, Tom Paxton and Leon Russell.
  14. Lola Chambers had spent twenty five years collecting Chambers Brothers records at various venues to leave these for their sons.
  15. London 2012 saw further success with the Chambers brothers of Richard gaining two silver medals in the LM4-event.
  16. Yet her first professional gig was not until she wrote " Uptown ( to Harlem ) " for the Chambers Brothers.
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