change my life造句


  1. "It's definitely changed my life a lot.
  2. "I'm gonna change my life ."
  3. And slowly the love of riding began to change my life.
  4. God came into my heart and it has changed my life.
  5. It doesn't change my life style any ."
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  7. I never thought about the way they have changed my life.
  8. "Max changed my life, " she says.
  9. "That changed my life, " he said.
  10. Twenty years ago I read a story that changed my life.
  11. "She changed my life, " he said.
  12. "That changed my life, " she said.
  13. "It changed my life, " he said.
  14. "It changed my life, " she said.
  15. He changed my life, he made me a better person,
  16. "` The Godfather'changed my life ."
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