change my tune造句

"change my tune"是什麽意思   


  1. Just explaining why I seem to be changing my tune ).
  2. By week's end, however, I had changed my tune.
  3. That is, unless I would change my tune at the sight of another discussion in particular ??
  4. "You know, whatever I say will sound like sour grapes, but I haven't changed my tune.
  5. Indeed, if only I had a job in TV I'd change my tune faster than you can say Double Doppler.
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  7. I didn't do a search of sources, so I'll gladly change my tune if proper sourcing is found.
  8. "If a rabbit can be pulled out of the hat at the 11th hour, then I'll change my tune.
  9. But we can dream . ( Memo to Martha : I might be willing to change my tune, if the exposure is good enough .)
  10. The bride was worried that I had changed my tune to Fred and Ginger's : " Let's Call the Whole Thing Off ."
  11. Halfway through the discussion I am even told to " " Forget notability " "-an interesting thing to tell me if a little later on I'm supposed to be changing my tune and suddenly saying it's all about notability.
  12. Most of his songs feature lyrics he wrote, but " Changing My Tune ", " Oh, Weeping Will " and " Dancing on Black Ice " had lyrics written by Martin Duncan, and it seems Duncan was the one responsible for more of the wordplay.
  13. He spoke about the birds with such affection that I started to change my tune and decided that this concrete jungle needs all the birds it can get . ( Having grown up in the country, I'm amazed that any bird would choose to hang out here at all, and feel that if an unfamiliar species wants to make its home here, we should welcome it .)


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