1. One famous master of Chaquan was the famous Wang Zi-Ping ( Chinese : 媠P [ s ^ ), who was known for his great strength.
  2. Then it was named Chuan Na Cha Quan, and later changed to Chuan Na Quan but the system is basically Chaquan . " Chqu醤 " is associated with the Hui people.
  3. "' Mi Tzu Quan "'(; literally " rice ancestor " ) is a Northern Chinese martial art that uses fast, clear, long-ranged movements and is similar to Chaquan and Shaolin Quan.
  4. General Li Jinglin chose five masters to represent northern China : Baguazhang master Fu Chen Sung; Shaolin Iron Palm master Gu Ruzhang; Six Harmony master Wan Laishen; Tan Tui master Li Shanwu; and Chaquan master, Wang Shaozhao.
  5. It's difficult to find chaquan in a sentence. 用chaquan造句挺難的


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