1. Chaquico remained when Kantner left and the band morphed into Starship.
  2. Craig Chaquico has a signature thin-line acoustic / electric model.
  3. By 1991, Ahlers and Chaquico joined forces and signed with Higher Octave Records.
  4. Chaquico is the former lead guitarist for Jefferson Starship with 20 gold albums to his credit.
  5. Elliot's music is tagged contemporary jazz, while Chaquico's is called New Age.
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  7. After leaving the group, Chaquico embarked on a successful solo career as a smooth jazz artist.
  8. Cooperation with the guitarist Craig Chaquico comes at 1998, for the album From The Redwoods To The Rockies.
  9. Ahlers was also responsible for hiring frequent collaborator and Starship guitarist Craig Chaquico to play the electric guitar parts.
  10. Smooth jazz stations also have embracel Temed rockers such as Steely Dan, Daryl Hall, Craig Chaquico and Rick Derringer.
  11. A smooth jazz version of this same tune also appears on Chaquico's 1994 solo CD " Acoustic Planet ".
  12. Lane Cameron recently completed production and rhythm guitar work on three tracks of the new Craig Chaquico CD  Follow The Sun.
  13. Chaquico played a crucial role in launching Jefferson Starship into commercial success, as the band eventually earned 20 platinum and gold albums.
  14. Tragedy struck for Chaquico and his family when he and his father were involved in a serious automobile accident, caused by a drunk driver.
  15. When he negotiated a contract to make his signature guitar, the two parties pledged to plant a tree for every Craig Chaquico guitar manufactured.
  16. Chaquico moved to the peaceful realms of northern California, but is finally touring the Northeast and stopping at Scullers in Cambridge on Wednesday and Thursday with jazz guitarist Richard Elliot.
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