char asiab district造句


  1. It is the district center of Char Asiab District, Kabul Province.
  2. The Kabul River flows through Char Asiab district.
  3. The headquarters of Char Asiab district is Qala-e Malik, which is located in the western end of the district.
  4. Mussai district borders Char Asiab District to the west, Bagrami District to the north, Khaki Jabbar District to the east and Logar Province to the south.
  5. Paghman district borders Parwan provinces to the west, Shakardara District to the north, Kabul to the east and Char Asiab District to the south-east.
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  7. Char Asiab district borders Logar province to the south, Wardak province to the west, Paghman District to the north-west, Kabul to the north, and Mussahi districts to the west.


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