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  1. The second Character Day had over 6700 events in 41 countries.
  2. This second annual Character Day had over 6700 events in 41 countries.
  3. On September 8, 2015, Character Day became an annual event.
  4. Character Day 2016 already has 10, 000 events planned and is set for Sept 22nd.
  5. Kendron's more recent tradition for Oct . 31 is " Book Character Day ."
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  7. In 2015, Character Day screened the film " The Adaptable Mind " for 6, 784 schools, classrooms, workplaces and organizations.
  8. In a series, you live with one character day in and day out _ and you only hope it will be one that will not drive your crazy.
  9. We hope to instill academic values in students that they may successfully transition through life while crossing the bridge to the future . " There is an annual Character Day Parade.
  10. Special Days are planned by " committees " of students with representation from each grade, and include themes such as Pajama Reading Day, Storybook Character Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Sports Day.
  11. Shlain and Let it Ripple produced Character Day, and invited schools and organizations around the world to premier the film and discuss its ideas about character development all on the same day via a simultaneous online video conversation.
  12. To premiere the film, Shlain and her co-workers founded Character Day, where schools and organizations around the world would all premiere the film and discuss ideas around character development on the same day in a simultaneous online video conversation.
  13. The school's numerous social activities include field trips to museums, bowling excursions, Harvest Festival, literary " Character Day ", hayrides, theater nights, ice skating, and an all-school day of skiing and snowboarding each February.
  14. For the second annual Character Day, they premiered " The Adaptable Mind ", which explores skills needed in the 21st century, and " The Making of a Mensch ", about the science of character through the Jewish teachings of Mussar, interpreted through a modern-day lens.
  15. Exercise Your Character Day is a collaboration between Hy-Vee, CHARACTER COUNTS ! and the ISF . Fourth and fifth graders met at Hy-Vee Hall to complete their 30 minutes of activity and heard from several celebrities including Shawn Johnson, who spoke on the importance of good character and healthy choices.
  16. Character Day was created in 2014 by Tiffany Shlain, the co-founder of the non-profit Let it Ripple : Mobile Films for Global Change, founder of the Webby Awards, and the co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, to launch a global premier of the short film " The Science of Character ", which explores the social science and neuroscience behind character development.


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