1. A position in charg g wof management training programs
  2. Leather seats , hid head lights alloy wheel turbo charg
  3. Listen , they ' re prepared to drop all charg ] es ag ] ainst you
  4. Listen , they ' re prepared to drop all charg es ag ainst you
  5. The one in charg robots revenge
  6. It's difficult to find charg in a sentence. 用charg造句挺難的
  7. The case of jack lazar on the charg that on march 16 , nineteen eighty - seven ,
  8. The fees charg ucx ed by the later ones are more expensive
  9. And who yet , every day , rob travellers at the gates of rome . has not your excellency heard that the french charg d affaires was robbed six months ago within five hundred paces of velletri ?
    難道大人沒有聽說過,六個月前,法國代理公使在離韋萊特里五百步的距離里內被搶的那件事嗎? ”
  10. Foreign invested water supply and drainage , garbage disposal and sewage disposal and other environmental protection and social benefit projects , if no charg ing standard can be available for the time being , shall be appropriately subsid ized by the local government
  11. In this fit of fury , i took first and divided the arms which i had charg d , as before , between us ; i gave friday one pistol to stick in his girdle , and three guns upon his shoulder ; and i took one pistol , and the other three my self ; and in this posture we march d out : i took a small bottle of rum in my pocket , and gave friday a large bag , with more powder and bullet ; and as to orders , i charg d him to keep close behind me , and not to stir , or shoot , or do any thing , till i bid him ; and in the mean time , not to speak a word : in this posture i fetch d a compass to my right - hand , of near a mile , as well to get over the creek , as to get into the wood ; so that i might come within shoot of them , before i should be discover d , which i had seen by my glass , it was easy to do


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