1. SXMJobs was launched in the summer of 2009, by Charlon Pompier and Jodi Djojodimedjo while attending college in the Netherlands.
  2. Starting the preseason training with his youth team Andrej signs a two-year contract with MZT Skopje on 24 August having the opportunity to play among Dutch national team playmaker Charlon Kloof.
  3. After nearly losing his own life on a photographic reconnaissance mission over the Chateau de Charlon in Northern France, Munroe, under orders from a somewhat exuberant Air Commodore Hufford ( Maquis resistance fighter who supposedly talked under torture, Allied prisoners, including a very-much-alive Scott and men from their group, are held as " human shields . " This is seen in a disturbing film dropped by a Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter that, in tandem with one other, raided the base, strafing the airfield and killing many personnel.
  4. It's difficult to find charlon in a sentence. 用charlon造句挺難的


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