1. Goalkeeper Charsley, a serving police officer, announced his retirement.
  2. The following season Andy Charsley won two races in the championship.
  3. Marcon had himself been educated at Charsley's.
  4. Small Heath allowed Chris Charsley to join Football League club West Bromwich Albion.
  5. Brett Denham and Andrew Charsley scored the goals.
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  7. This is suggested as a reason for matriculations at Charsley's at an unusually young age.
  8. Credit was as much due to Charsley, Speller and Jenkyns in defence as to the goalscorers.
  9. Charsley returned to represent Small Heath in the final qualifying round of the FA Cup against Brierley Hill Alliance.
  10. Almost everyone knew Bauer but few knew his rank . ( Even Charsley in his book lists him as a lieutenant .)
  11. Back in the League, Hollis took Charsley's place in goal, as customary in the latter's absence.
  12. In 1900 he went to Marcon's Hall, also known as Charsley's Hall, run by Charles Abdy Marcon.
  13. The Master, William Henry Charsley, appears to have kept a school for boys as well as a house of the university.
  14. Born at Beaconsfield in 1820, Charsley was a boy at Uppingham School, from where he matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford.
  15. That apart, Small Heath's defence held out, and Hollis, in goal for the unavailable Charsley, " defended brilliantly ".
  16. Without both Charsley and George Hollis, trainer Charlie Simms played in goal as Villa won 3 2 with the last kick of the game.
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