chart base造句

"chart base"是什麽意思   


  1. the arl of ewma control chart based on the multi-mixture distribution
  2. spc control chart based on rayleigh distribution
  3. pattern recognition and parameter estimate of the control chart based on neural network
  4. real-time matching algorithm for radar image with electronic chart based on hausdorff distance
  5. for this reason, you should adjust the dates on this chart based on what you know about your own queen
  6. It's difficult to find chart base in a sentence. 用chart base造句挺難的
  7. chart based on a 1914 scheme by sachs and von hornbostel classifies orchestral, folk, and electronic instruments into families
  8. the paper discusses the existent nonrandom rules of control chart based on the theory of control chart
  9. this unusual dictionary uses traditional etymologies and a unique series of charts based on them to show the close relationships between chinese characters
  10. the calculation formula for control limit of double-side-restricted management chart based on 12 theory was derived, and a calculation example was given
  11. the functions in this system, the main technology and the characteristic of this system are pointed out . 5 . the main technology used in the development, such as mvc pattern, stored procedure, java chart based on web, and so on, are researched
  12. chapter 2, " the construction of marketing strategies process chart of chinese college ", constructs the marketing strategies process chart based on the elementary theory and process chart of marketing strategies . this is the practical and particular appliance of marketing strategy
  13. we realized the h . 264 coder on evm based on dsp tms320dm642 made by ti recently . firstly in the paper, we detail h . 264 standard after getting the knowledge about video compression . my classmate joined in the design and improvement of coder flow chart based on software jm73, migrated and optimized the jm73 software to the tms320dm642 evm
  14. on the stage of process control, analyzing characters of six sigma process, we take the successive elgibles as controlling objects, and give the judgement principles of stable and abnormal process . on this base, we introduce a new control chart-ewma control chart based on successive elgibles to control the tiny variable . finally, in this paper, we discuss how to control six sigma process through the combination of pci and ppl


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