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  1. Each " Chart Book " contained room for eight potential seasons.
  2. This manual is the chart book to keep us on course.
  3. Russell also produces chart books showing technical analysis and important events which occur each year.
  4. Once thrown, the score was recorded in the Chart Book, and the next game played.
  5. The chart books are further described on his website.
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  7. Replay Baseball is played using three dice ( red, white, and blue ), and a Chart Book.
  8. De Wit s new charts were sold in a chart book and as part of his atlases.
  9. Stevens picked up a star-chart book and clicked on a red-filtered penlight to check the coordinates for the next target.
  10. As Stefan Heiding, author of several charts books, put it : " only these lists show how popular an artist or a song really was ".
  11. ARCADIA-To find the last Santa Anita Handicap with as many first-rate horses as Saturday's edition, you'd have to flip back in the chart book to the 1980s.
  12. "To have No . 1s in three decades and remain the most fanciable pop star is an amazing achievement, " said David Roberts, the chart book's editor.
  13. IENCs have very consistent features, e . g . scale, accuracy, and update frequency, to a greater level than current chart books produced by the Corps districts.
  14. By listing the teams in the Super League page of the Chart Book a simplistic fixture list of 30'Matchsets'was created, which the player would then play through.
  15. Author Ron Hall published " The CHUM Chart Book " ( ISBN 0920325157 ) in 1983, listing every song that had appeared in the CHUM Charts to that point.
  16. Although the singles chart listed only " Funk " and not " Bullet ", the latter song was given equal billing in later " Billboard " singles chart books.
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