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  1. He is a former member of the Metropolitan Government Charter Commission.
  2. She is a former member of the Minneapolis City Charter Commission.
  3. And what did the charter commission intend five years ago?
  4. His departure moved the battle for deeper changes to the charter commission.
  5. In November 2008 Eder was elected to the Cumberland County Charter Commission.
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  7. The Charter Commission was dissolved on June 18, 2008.
  8. He served on Parma's Charter Commission in 2003.
  9. Charter commission returns in the council districts representing parts of the Valley were:
  10. When Giuliani created a special charter commission to block the referendum, Vallone sued.
  11. He is a member of the Minneapolis Planning Commission and the Minneapolis Charter Commission.
  12. Based upon that recommendation, Hamilton introduced a bill to establish Atlanta Charter Commission.
  13. A citizens committee on municipal government and the Newark Charter Commission had recommended the change.
  14. In May 2007 Richmond voters approved a referendum to create a Home Rule Charter Commission.
  15. In 1907 he was appointed to the Chicago Charter Commission and the Chicago Plan Commission.
  16. There was no purpose in having dueling charter commissions, conflicting ballot questions and the rest.
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