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  1. But the Charter government, controlled by rural elites, fought back hard.
  2. Coddington never liked Williams, nor did he like being subordinated to the new charter government.
  3. He served as chairman of the Charter Review Committee that organized the charter government reform movement in Phoenix.
  4. To supporters of charter government, the Jan . 9 election is about bringing Maricopa County into the 21st century.
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  7. The next major threat to the charter government came during the American Revolution when the Common Council stopped meeting in 1775.
  8. The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce will ask its board Friday whether it supports charter government and wants to recruit or endorse candidates.
  9. Charter governments were political corporations created by letters patent, giving the grantees control of the land and the powers of legislative government.
  10. He appointed members to draft a powerful form of charter government in October 1964 ( taking until 1970 to be voted in ).
  11. In November, voters will decide whether to adopt a charter government for Maricopa County, giving it much more control over its destiny.
  12. Decades after the charter-government cleanup of city politics, the Charter Government Committee came to be seen as a group of establishment kingmakers.
  13. Goldwater entered politics in 1949 as a founding member of the Charter Government party, formed by leading Phoenix businessmen to purge the city of corruption.
  14. In Maricopa County's election Jan . 9, voters will be asked to elect the charter committee and whether to move forward with charter government.
  15. In 1948, when Montgomery County transitioned to a charter government, the responsibilities of appointing chiefs for the MCPD was transferred to the Montgomery County Executive.
  16. In doing so, the Court would necessarily find that the " Dorrite " alternative republican government was the lawful government of Rhode Island, superseding the charter government.
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