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  1. However, he stressed that charter pilots are generally more qualified than military pilots.
  2. Singing charter pilot ( " Paradise, Hawaiian Style, " 1966 ).
  3. Harrison Ford is a gruff charter pilot and Anne Heche is a New York magazine editor.
  4. In 1978, she held positions as a flight instructor and charter pilot for Hinson Airways.
  5. Harrison Ford is a gruff charter pilot, and Anne Heche is a New York magazine editor.
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  7. She hires a scruffy, hard-drinking charter pilot named Quinn ( Ford ) and his scruffier monoplane.
  8. After a short stint with the company, he began flying as a charter pilot in Los Angeles, California.
  9. Rayford catches a ride with Christian charter pilot Ken Ritz back to the new Trib Force safe house near Chicago.
  10. Houlton worked as a charter pilot on his return to New Zealand and became involved in aerial photography and agricultural aviation.
  11. Instead of becoming a pharmacist, Waterworth decided to stay in aviation and he worked as an instructor and charter pilot.
  12. Air traffic controllers apparently did not receive the warning and gave the charter pilot permission for an instrument landing Thursday in light snow.
  13. Wardley was a charter pilot who claimed that she was better qualified to be hired than other male pilots that had been hired.
  14. Mamer was a flight instructor and charter pilot, and was involved in early forest fire patrol flights for the United States Forest Service.
  15. On radio in the mid-fifties he played the title role in the series " Mike Dudley, Charter Pilot ".
  16. She became a charter pilot and eventually opened her own flight school and charter company, Trimble Aviation, based in Flint, Michigan.
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