charter place造句


  1. A 1787 charter placed the institution under a private board of trustees.
  2. Waterbury by charter places a huge amount of power in the hands of the chief executive,
  3. An adjoining shopping centre, Charter Place, was bought by Intu Properties in April 2013.
  4. Kjevik Airport has destinations to charter places, European cities and some of the largest Norwegian cities.
  5. The city charter placed special burdens on racial minorities within the governmental process, which was not permissible.
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  7. Its Charter places the principles of independent statehood, non-interference and national sovereignty at its heart.
  8. During the 1974 elections, Pressman had an amendment to the city's charter placed on the fall ballot.
  9. In 1952, the new City Home Rule Charter placed the control of Philadelphia General Hospital with a Board of Trustees.
  10. The charter places Green, a Democrat who has also been raising money for a possible mayoral campaign, first in line to succeed Giuliani.
  11. Planning permission was granted in 2014 for Charter Place to be integrated with Intu Watford and expanded, to include a 9-screen IMAX cinema.
  12. Ordering British universities by date of royal charter places Cambridge ( charter 1231 ) down to third oldest in Scotland, behind Glasgow ( charter 1453 ) and Aberdeen ( charter 1495 ).


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