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  1. Although the Moorings doesn't account for depreciation, many charter programs do.
  2. California also capped its charter program and Michigan commissioned an in-depth charter school study.
  3. 1964 marked the introduction of another unique service known as Inclusive Tour Charter programs.
  4. Because many charter programs only accept boats purchased from them.
  5. Breathes there a sailor who has not heard the siren song of the charter programs?
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  7. By yacht, most charter programs mean a 30-to 50-foot sailboat, typically with an inboard diesel motor.
  8. The most likely one is the NBA charter program, which a majority of NBA teams currently use,
  9. The decisions to create PFP, to approve its Charter Program were taken by PFP founders at the congresses.
  10. Boats that are purchased from charter programs often cost more than a comparable boat bought from a dealer.
  11. Statewide 48 school districts or charter programs had suspicious results in the exams administered in 2009, 2010, or 2011.
  12. Even that limited level of aid is now being threatened by federal budget cuts, said charter program director Flossy Johnson.
  13. Charter programs maintain a fleet of sailboats owned by private individuals and chartered to qualified sailors by the day or week.
  14. While the team plane was being repaired, the Sonics were to use a replacement plane provided by the NBA charter program.
  15. Brereton said simplification of freight charter guidelines will allow immediate approval of applications for one-year charter programs for carriers not already servicing Australia.
  16. At the Eastern High School charter program where D'Angelo Washington attends, the federal cabinet-level Department of Health and Human Services has been the business partner.
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