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  1. Its collection includes the 14th Century Waterford Charter Roll.
  2. As chancellor, Walter began the keeping of the Charter Roll, a record of all charters issued by the chancery.
  3. In 1199, the chancery began to keep the Charter Rolls, a record of all the charters issued by the office.
  4. King Edward I ( 1272 & ndash; 1307 ) a market and free warren as the following entry in the Charter Rolls records:
  5. The place-name'Hartburn'is first attested in Charter Rolls of 1198, where it appears as " Herteburne ".
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  7. The place-name'Stockbridge'is first attested in Charter Rolls of 1239, where it appears as " Stocbrigge ".
  8. The place-name'Woolsington'is first attested in Charter Rolls of 1204, where it appears as " Wlsinton ".
  9. It is recorded in the Wiltshire Charter Rolls of 1199 as " Bultiford " and as " Bultesforda " in 1270.
  10. The correct date for the grant seems to be 22 November 1320 ( according to the Charter Rolls, 14 Edward II, no . 15 ).
  11. Not only did this reduce forgeries, it led to the establishment of the Charter Roll, an administrative copy of all charters issued and confirmed by the government.
  12. It appears as " Ragherethe " in the Feet of Fines for 1240, and as " Raureth " in the Charter Rolls of 1267.
  13. The most solemn grants of lands and privileges were issued, not as letters patent, but as charters, and were entered on the separate series of Charter Rolls.
  14. Neville oversaw a number of changes in chancery procedures, splitting off the liberate rolls from the letters close in 1226 and reviving the keeping of the charter rolls in 1227.
  15. The design was first used to preface the great Charter Roll of Richard II, executed in Waterford in 1394, three quarters of a century before the O'Driscoll engagement.
  16. Before 1278 there were Coram Rege Rolls ( from 1194 ), Fine Rolls ( from 1199 ), Charter Rolls ( from 1199 ), Patent Rolls ( from 1202 ) and Close Rolls ( from 1205 ).
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