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  1. These troubles were underscored in critical reports released by the Charter School Institute and the state Board of Education this summer.
  2. New Heights Academy is accountable to the SUNY Charter Schools Institute and the charter is up for renewal every five years.
  3. "Let's wait and see, " said Connie Cullen, spokeswoman for SUNY's Charter School Institute.
  4. In addition, the Charter School Institute will appoint a third party to monitor the financing and construction of a new school building.
  5. The schools were recommended by SUNY's Charter Schools Institute and approved by the SUNY trustees at a monthly board meeting Tuesday in Manhattan.
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  7. Robert J . Bellafiore, president of the Charter Schools Institute, said that applicants who were not approved do not necessarily have to give up hope.
  8. Under a law passed by the state legislature in 2004, a newly formed Charter School Institute will be able to grant charters in some districts after 2005.
  9. Chartock was named Executive Director of the Charter Schools Institute of the State University of New York in May 2008, and he left that position in November 2010.
  10. What the vote was on Tuesday was a vote to empower the president of the Charter Schools Institute, me, to enter into a charter with the approved applicants,
  11. The charter school in Albany was also immediately put on probation and required to adhere to a remedial action plan to be set by SUNY's Charter School Institute.
  12. Robert Bellafiore, executive director of the Charter School Institute, said putting New Covenant on probation was the " strongest sanction short of ( charter ) revocation ."
  13. The Charter School Institute sent the report on Friday to New Covenant along with a letter citing various violations found during an end-of-the-school-year review.
  14. Scott Steffey, president of the Charter Schools Institute, a newly created arm of the state university, said that the law had not been violated because the charter documents had not been issued.
  15. Although the Board of Trustees is responsible for approving and monitoring university charter schools and will probably set up an oversight committee, the university's Charter Schools Institute will handle most of the work.
  16. The Charter Schools Institute, which monitors schools authorized by the State University of New York trustees, imposed a corrective action plan in 2001, calling for codes of conduct and staff training at the school.
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