charter schools in new york造句


  1. It is the largest Charter School in New York State.
  2. Neither Crew nor Ms . Feldman specified how charter schools in New York might differ.
  3. In April 2016, Robertson gave $ 25M to Success Academy Charter Schools in New York.
  4. Wouldn't you want to hear what she has to say about charter schools in New York?
  5. The combination of a middle and high school makes Bronx Prep unique among charter schools in New York City.
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  7. It is also one of the only Charter Schools in New York State to offer a K-12 education.
  8. These charities have included the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, The Promise Academy, a charter school in New York City.
  9. A second study of charter schools in New York City found that a longer year was one of the strongest associations with higher student achievement.
  10. In 2010, he voted to expand and regulate charter schools in New York State, helping to pass the education law amendments that allowed for this.
  11. After the rise of charter schools in New York, enrollment at St . Pius began a gradual decline, finally reaching levels that could no longer sustain the school.
  12. Ninety groups have applied to open charter schools in New York state next year, including 35 whose schools would be run by profit-making companies, state officials announced Monday.
  13. Faso was the original sponsor of charter school legislation and was a leading figure in the passage of Governor Pataki's proposal to create charter schools in New York State in 1998.
  14. Over the course of his terms in office, Pataki would expand the availability of charter schools in New York City and raise the state's cap on the independent schools to 250.
  15. While Crew and Ms . Feldman called for high academic standards to be set for charter schools in New York, both expressed reservations about the kinds of freedoms such schools have enjoyed in other states.
  16. "' Success Academy Charter Schools "', originally "'Harlem Success Academy "', is a charter school operator of 34 public charter schools in New York City.
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