chartered trips造句


  1. Hobo was also available for chartered trips in between scheduled runs.
  2. A private company is formed to arrange chartered trips on the remaining railway.
  3. An overnight-chartered trip costs more.
  4. The sanctuary is a popular destination for recreational fishing, with many chartered trips available out of local harbors.
  5. They also announced they would give 10 percent of the income from chartered trips on their yacht to the school system.
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  7. In 1977 PRBL opened its Rabbitours Division in its Caloocan Terminal on 2nd Avenue to handle chartered trips for domestic tours.
  8. Kan had been driving for several months for Kristine Travel & Tours, of Boston, which supplied the bus for the chartered trip.
  9. They decided against taking out second mortgages to book one of the many chartered trips costing as much as $ 3, 000 or pay a ticket agency more than $ 1, 000 to get into the game.


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