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  1. In addition, it is also known as the setting chosen by Stendhal for his novel " The Charterhouse of Parma ".
  2. Teodoro Lechi was portrayed by Stendhal in " The Charterhouse of Parma " ( 1839 ) as " Count of Pietranera ".
  3. "I haven't so enjoyed a historical novel since ` The Charterhouse of Parma'and ` War and Peace, "'
  4. "The Charterhouse of Parma " chronicles the adventures of the young Italian nobleman Fabrice del Dongo from his birth in 1798 to his death.
  5. He was buried in the Cistercian Church of S . Martin outside Parma ( the famous Charterhouse of Parma ), but his remains were transferred to C顃eaux.
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  7. After her death, Fabrice retires to the titular Charterhouse of Parma ( a Carthusian monastery ), where he spends less than a year before he also dies.
  8. "Politics in a work of literature is like a pistol shot at a concert, " wrote Stendhal in " The Charterhouse of Parma ."
  9. Verne researched the Italian landscape by rereading some of Stendhal's works notably " Promenades in Rome " and " The Charterhouse of Parma ".
  10. Beyle as Stendhal produced, first, " The Charterhouse of Parma, " and later ( and even greater ) " The Red and the Black ."
  11. Richard Howard's new version of Stendhal's " The Charterhouse of Parma, " published nearly two years ago, has gone through eight printings so far.
  12. His novel " The Charterhouse of Parma ", written in 52 days, is set in Italy, which he considered a more sincere and passionate country than Restoration France.
  13. Throughout the decade, he continued directing feature films, as well as the television miniseries " The Charterhouse of Parma " and " A Time of Indifference ".
  14. Richard Howard, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet who has also translated more than 150 books, notably Stendhal's " The Charterhouse of Parma, " will receive a lifetime achievement award.
  15. He said he is at work on translations of Stendhal's " The Charterhouse of Parma " and Jules Verne's newly discovered early novel, " Paris in the 20th Century ."
  16. Stendhal wrote ( a ) " The Charterhouse of Parma; " ( b ) " The Red and the Black; " ( c ) both of the above; ( d ) neither of the above.
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