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  1. Players could chat privately with their team mate or publicly with the everyone.
  2. ONGOING PRIVATE CHAT : The counselor and the client chat privately through instant messaging, usually for an hour.
  3. The company developed an app that allowed social media users to share photos, chat privately, and search photo history without leaving the app.
  4. Kerry's daughter Vanessa, 27, knelt low to chat privately with Emma Claire, while Kerry's stepson Andre Heinz, 34, cradled Jack in his arms for much of the Cleveland rally.
  5. And a handful of services _ including People Link, Mirabiliss ICQ and Excite's PAL _ let you set up buddy lists, or lists of friends and colleagues with whom you like to chat privately.
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  7. Four years ago, New Albany, Ind ., counselor Ed Needham was dropping into chat rooms on topics from computers to coffee when he noticed a curious phenomenon : Any time he mentioned his profession, others immediately wanted to chat privately about their problems.


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