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  1. Its former governor, Cheng Kejie, was executed last year.
  2. Han cited the execution of Cheng Kejie, Li's former deputy, as evidence of the government's graft-fighting.
  3. In 1998, the former Party chief, Cheng Kejie, was sentenced to capital punishment after engaging in extensive bribery.
  4. Congress leaders opened the session by acknowledging that a vice chairman, Cheng Kejie, was under investigation for economic crimes.
  5. 2000-Olympic opening ceremonies dazzle downtown Sydney; Cheng Kejie, a former deputy chairman of China's parliament, is executed for corruption.
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  7. Cheng Kejie and his mistress amassed nearly $ 5 million in bribes, the largest amount ever divulged by the government.
  8. On the eve of the congress, a spokesman said that Cheng Kejie, a powerful legislative vice chairman, was under investigation for economic crimes.
  9. In a possible early sign of his waning influence, Li's protege and deputy as legislative chairman, Cheng Kejie, was executed in 2000 for taking bribes.
  10. As part of the same crackdown, the former vice chairman of China's parliament, Cheng Kejie, was executed Thursday for taking $ 5 million in bribes and kickbacks.
  11. In a public show of determination, China last year executed Cheng Kejie, Li's former deputy, for abusing his previous position in local government to amass a fortune.
  12. A more serious threat came in 2000 when, in a possible sign of Li's waning powers, his deputy National People's Congress chairman, Cheng Kejie, was executed for corruption.
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