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  2. Cheng Lai Hin was one of the torch bearers for Hong Kong for the 2008 Olympic torch relay in the SAR.
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  4. Goals from Kwok Kin Pong, Cheng Lai Hin and Lee Wai Lim, all in the second half, helped secure the victory for them.
  5. On 31 May 2010, in the 2010 Singapore Cup, Cheng Lai Hin scored at the 111-minute, from a Lo Kwan Yee corner against Beijing Guoan Talent.
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  7. In the 2011 Asian Challenge Cup, Cheng Lai Hin came on as a substitute against Ulsan Hyundai in the third place play-off and scored South China's second goal.
  8. In the 2011 AFC Cup away game to East Bengal FC, Cheng Lai Hin scored the second goal for South China, his first goal in the competition, at the 87-minute.
  9. In the 2010-11 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield semi-final against Tai Po FC, Cheng Lai Hin scored twice to help South China win 3 : 0 and advance to the final.
  10. On 29 November 2008, in the 2008-09 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield semi-final, Cheng Lai Hin came on as a substitute and scored Kitchee's second goal, but Kitchee still lost to Sun Hei SC.
  11. In his first season at South China, Cheng Lai Hin finished as the top scorer of the club by scoring a total of 7 goals in all local competitions, despite being not a regular starting member, 1 more than Mateja Kezman and 2 more than regular starter Chan Siu Ki.


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