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  1. Japan medical industry has proved that with just only 10 - 20ml of chlorella extract it enables our body to stay healthy
  2. Chlorella extract is extracted from an essential ingredient in chlorella . for every 100g of chlorella it contains only 4 - 5 gm of chlorella extract
    紅日牌日本綠藻精是取自綠藻的精華,每一百克的綠藻只含有4 - 5克獨特的綠藻成長因子簡稱綠藻精chlorella growth factor 。
  3. Red sun japan indoor chlorella is cultivated in concealed tanks using advance technology , to ensure high quality of the chlorella extract is conserved in the process . red sun japan indoor chlorella maintains its fresh green colour and good taste in the finished product
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