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  1. Dens Park was sold out for the game against Dumbarton F . C . when Christian Nade headed in the opening goal.
  2. The new board's vision was fixed initially on fusing a young squad with recognised professionals-Christian Nade was immediately signed, later joined by Liam Buchanan, Gary Naysmith and Stephen Hughes.
  3. A swelling of ambition at the club became clear as links to former internationalists Nuno Gomes, Ismael Bouzid and Christian Nade rained down as a new regime was paraded; a consortium led by pub chain owner Lee Murray.
  4. Hearts boosted their chances of a third-place finish and qualification for the Europa League with a 2 1 win over 5th-placed Aberdeen, Christian Nade cancelled out Darren Mackie's opener on the stroke of half time before Andy Driver scored the winner in the second half.
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