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  1. Levandoski has written a body of work connected to the Christian narrative.
  2. We have a long historical memory of anti-Semitism at the core of the Christian narrative.
  3. This series of pictures, painted between 2000 and 2006, depicts Christian narratives set against the Sussex countryside.
  4. The story is one of many in Christian narrative that depict holy persons exerting influence over animals and nature, a motif common to hagiography.
  5. To some characters in the novel, this is seen to challenge Christian narratives of supremacy among the Abrahamic faiths and so American national security.
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  7. But her locating herself in one of the great Christian narratives lends gravity and grace to her expression of new motherhood's elation and fears.
  8. Nevertheless, she wrote, " I've remained deeply attracted to the tale of suffering and resurrection at the heart of the Christian narrative.
  9. This is in stark contrast to the Jewish / Christian narratives, and also the mainstream Sunni / Shia narratives which assume the biblical narrative is true.
  10. Hamza Yusuf said, " In the Christian narrative the most central and fundamental point of Christianity is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but Islam basically denies that.
  11. The Ages reflect the seven days of creation, of which the last day is the rest of Sabbath, illustrating the human journey to find eternal rest with God, a common Christian narrative.
  12. Though variations similar to the Judeo-Christian narrative of the Tower of Babel exist within Islamic tradition, the central theme of God separating humankind on the basis of language is alien to Islam according to the author Yahiya Emerick.
  13. As a critical method, "'mimesis criticism "'has been pioneered by Dennis MacDonald, especially in relation to New Testament and other early Christian narratives imitating the " canonical " works of Classical Greek literature.
  14. A number of individuals took Satan out of the traditional Christian narrative and " reread and reinterpreted " him " in light of their own time and their own interests ", in turn generating " new and different portraits of Satan ".
  15. There are really only two non-Christian narrative scenes : one labour of Hercules ( two more are shown in " sidewall blobs " ), and one of Achilles, but a number of " portrait " figures, as with Christian sacred figures often combined with owners.
  16. In " Nordic Religions in the Viking Age " ( 1999 ), Thomas DuBois also saw Gl鷐r as essentially a " godless man ", but argued that the sagas are " not simply a Christian colouring of pagan history " but thoroughly Christian narratives which cannot be used to reconstruct Scandinavian paganism; " V韌a-Gl鷐s saga " is one of his three case studies.
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