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  2. COL . 2 of CHRONICL ( 79363 ) " This is something no one likes to be part of at a newspaper, but the economics are so bad,"
  3. COL . 1 of CHRONICL ( 79363 ) " They seem to be holding to their promise, " said Carl Hall, a Chronicle reporter and president of the Northern California Media Workers Guild, the union representing many Chronicle employees.
  4. Te late Chronicl columnist Stanon Delaplane ecountered the seaming whisky-nd cream-laced concoction decades ago at Shannon Airport inIreland and whe he returned to San Francisco, he persuaded batenders at the uena Vista Cafeto make it _ t rave reviews . ow a bar standad, visitors and locals alike sill flock to th Buena Vista to sip the perfect version at a widow table overloking the cablecars cranking u and down the ill.
  5. It's difficult to find chronicl in a sentence. 用chronicl造句挺難的


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