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  1. Instead, according to the Chronicle of 754, Uqba carried out an attack against Berber fortresses in Africa.
  2. However, the only near contemporary chronicler accounting for the events of the tme, the Christian Chronicle of 754, makes no mention of the incident.
  3. During the following Battle of the River Garonne, the " Chronicle of 754 " commented that " God alone knows the number of the slain ".
  4. There is a strong possibility that the Chronicle of 754 was written in Toledo ( though scholars have also proposed Cordoba and Guadix ) based on the information available to the chronicler.
  5. In contrast to the regnal lists, which cannot be dated, the " Chronicle of 754 ", written at Toledo, says that " Rudericus " reigned for a year.
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  7. The Chronicle of 754 stated that " the entire army of the Goths, which had come with him [ Roderic ] fraudulently and in rivalry out of hopes of the Kingship, fled ".
  8. Both the " Chronicle of 754 " and later Muslim sources speak of raiding activity in previous years, and Tariq's army may have been present for some time before the decisive battle.
  9. Al-$ akam does corroborate the " Chronicle of 754 "'s claim that Egilona stoked his royal ambitions, urging him to act so as to attain the respect her first husband had.
  10. There is evidence that Toledo retained its importance as a literary and ecclesiastical center into the middle 700s, in the Chronicle of 754, the life of Saint Ildefonsus by Cixila, and ecclesiastical letters sent from Toledo.
  11. The Chronicle of 754 states that many townspeople fled to the hills rather than defend their cities, which might support the view that this was expected to be a temporary raid rather than a permanent change of government.
  12. While many historians through the centuries have believed that the Franks were outnumbered at the onset of battle by at least two to one, the most authentic source called the Mozarabic Chronicle of 754, points to the contrary.
  13. According to the " Chronicle of 754 ", the Arabs took Toledo in 711 and executed many nobles still in the city on the pretense that they had assisted in the flight of Oppa, a son of Egica.
  14. However, it is unknown how long this treaty lasted in practice, whether it continued until Theudimer's death ( which is recorded in the " Chronicle of 754 " ) or after, or was cut short before his death.
  15. After the defeat of king Roderic at the Battle of Guadalete, according to the " Chronicle of 754 ", the Arabs under Tariq ibn Ziyad marched as far as Toledo, but Oppa, who was staying there, fled the city before they took it.
  16. The Chronicle of 754 continues, saying they " pierced through the mountains, trampled over rough and level ground, plundered far into the country of the Franks, and smote all with the sword, insomuch that when Eudo came to battle with them at the River Garonne, he fled ."
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