chronicle of a disappearance造句


  1. Palestine's " Chronicle of a Disappearance,"
  2. Playing himself in his film " Chronicle of a Disappearance,"
  3. x-" Chronicle of a Disappearance " : Look for this.
  4. "Chronicle of a Disappearance " was Suleiman's first feature film.
  5. On a structural level, " Chronicle of a Disappearance " is a series of vignettes, some of them recurring.
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  7. In other Palestinian film, however, are these processes of love disappearance more beautifully captured than in " Chronicle of a Disappearance " ."
  8. Not long ago he chose to review a film he figured almost no one would see _ " Chronicle of a Disappearance " by a Palestinian director, Elia Suleiman.
  9. Winstar distributes Elia Suleiman's " Chronicle of a Disappearance " ( 1996 ), which mixes documentary and dramatic elements to show what it means to be a Palestinian.
  10. Suleiman has said that " Chronicle of a Disappearance " is " a journey in search of what it means to be Palestinian . " Suleiman told his own personal story in the film.
  11. Elia Suleiman, the Palestinian filmmaker whose " Chronicle of a Disappearance " won the best first-feature prize at the 1996 Venice International Film Festival, will be in competition with " Intervention Divine ."
  12. Elia Suleiman is called onto a stage in Jerusalem to explain his less than obvious methods of moviemaking to an audience of ordinary citizens, among whom, it is supposed, he will be shooting parts of " Chronicle of a Disappearance ."
  13. Two films will be screened beginning at 7 : 30 p . m . Saturday : " Chronicle of a Disappearance, " a 1996 film by documentarian Elia Suleiman about the remains of the Palestinian national identity; and " Once Upon a Time, Beirut, " a 1994 film about two young women who actually enter a series of films about Beirut to explore the city's history and complexity.
  14. His music has been featured in the films " Al Leja ", directed by Ryad Chaia, Elia Suleiman's " Chronicle of a Disappearance " . and Florence Strauss's " " Between Two Notes " " 2006, as well as in Jan Visser's 1975 TV documentary " De Droom " ( " The Dream " ), based on drawings by and interviews with Palestinian refugee children and Palestinian resistance poetry.


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