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  1. In 1960, Jean Rouch used Vertov's filming theory when making " Chronicle of a Summer ".
  2. In a 2014 " Sight and Sound " poll, film critics voted " Chronicle of a Summer " the sixth best documentary film of all time.
  3. In 1961, Rouch released " Chronique d'un ete, " or " Chronicle of a Summer, " which documented the daily lives of ordinary people during one summer in Paris.
  4. "` The Cruise'is fascinating, in that it is a man discovering himself as if in a mirror, " said Jean Rouch, 81, the French documentary maker whose " Chronicle of a Summer " ( 1961 ) introduced the candid realism of cinema verite.
  5. Synchronized sound was used by French filmmaker Jean Rouch in 1960 when he shot " Chronicle of a Summer ", a landmark film in direct cinema history, in style of " cin閙a-v閞it?", using a 16 mm camera connected through pilottone with a prototype of Nagra III, a transistorized tape recorder with electronic speed control, developed by Stefan Kudelski.
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