chronicle of an escape造句


  1. He wrote, " Despite its restraint, " Chronicle of an Escape " is deeply unsettling.
  2. Three of his most recent roles were in critically acclaimed films : " Chronicle of an Escape " ( 2006 ).
  3. His film " Chronicle of an Escape, " the true story of four men who narrowly escaped death at the hands of Argentina's military death squads during the 1970s, was released in 2006.
  4. 2006 marked his second Silver Condor nomination for playing the real-life Dirty War victim Chronicle of an Escape ", which also marked his second collaboration with Caetano and co-starred name actors Rodrigo de la Serna and Pablo Echarri.
  5. Trist醤 Bauer took audiences back to soldiers'dehumanizing Falklands War experience with " Iluminados por el fuego " ( " Trial by Fire, " 2005 ) and Israel Adri醤 Caetano follows four football players through their 1977 escape from certain death in " Cr髇ica de una fuga " ( " Chronicle of an Escape, " 2006 ).
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  7. Critic Clark Collis liked the film and wrote, " " Chronicle of an Escape's " premise may remind you of Sly Stallone's enjoyably preposterous 1981 soccer / incarceration flick, " Victory ", but this true-story-based movie scores in a different way . . . The result is blessed with great performances; director Israel Adri醤 Caetano lets events speak  and plead and weep  for themselves ."


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