circumstance being造句


  1. I can't comprehend any circumstance being worse than that.
  2. There is no precedents set for someone in Jameel's circumstances being granted.
  3. Circumstances being what they are, we're capable to step up now ."
  4. Which was OK by me under the circumstances _ the circumstances being that I was a long way from home.
  5. We always like to get as many of the finalists as possible, but obviously, circumstances being what they may, is difficult.
  6. It's difficult to find circumstance being in a sentence. 用circumstance being造句挺難的
  7. I think we all understood when the season started, we all spoke about injuries and different circumstances being a part of winning a championship and defending a title.
  8. He was charged with two counts of murder with special circumstance ( the circumstances being that the shootings were gang-related ) and one count of attempted murder.
  9. While a drudge, Sara is said to have frequented a library, in which she read books about women in rough circumstances being rescued by princes and other powerful men.
  10. A discussion of why and under what circumstances being charged with, convicted of, or acquitted of a Federal tax crime could make an individual " notable " for purposes of Wikipedia is of course beyond the scope of this page.
  11. I was aware of the accounts, aware of the connection and aware of the reasoning, which I accepted as valid even if I did not think I would myself have chosen to do it, my circumstances being vastly different.
  12. Normal circumstances being that his body had stayed true to him and he hadn't asked to go to Kansas City ( the second anniversary of the trade will be two days after his big party Tuesday at Justin Herman Plaza ).
  13. They also deemed that party rules did not provide for the " interim " status that S醤chez's executive had conferred upon itself, with any decision adopted in such circumstances being " completely without any statutory validity and null and void ".
  14. On the decision to name the album " Digital Vein ", Cook said, " My last independent record, back in 2006, was Analog Heart, and after my major-label journey, with circumstances being what they are, this record is certainly a progression.
  15. When the Soviet Union broke up, not all of the countries were necessarily enthusiastic about the prospect of independence, but in the end everyone " chose " to go their separate ways, circumstances being what they were .-- Talk ) 00 : 47, 24 April 2009 ( UTC)
  16. "I think this is the ideal time to do it, " he told the Senate Banking Committee last week, " and I would certainly agree that if you can't do it in a significant way now, I can't imagine circumstances being more favorable to debt reduction at this point ."


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