1. The Tibia Clausa eventually became a staple of theater organs.
  2. Inland scrub consists of sand pines ( " Pinus clausa " ) growing amid shrublands of evergreen oaks.
  3. By way of example, consider an organ where the Tibia Clausa rank at 8'( standard ) pitch has 61 pipes.
  4. In smaller organs, a " Diapason " may be substituted for a Tibia Clausa at 16 & prime; pitch.
  5. The Tibia Clausa 16'is accomplished by transposing down an octave, and adding 12 pipes to the bottom of the Tibia rank.
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  7. In Florida, sand pine ( " P . clausa " ) scrub has been invaded by hispid cotton rats for short periods.
  8. A few of the largest theatre organs, and some church organs, may have a separate 32 & prime; Tibia Clausa rank of 12 pipes.
  9. The modern gown is derived from the " roba " worn under the " cappa clausa ", a garment resembling a long black cape.
  10. Additionally, several mutation stops can be drawn from this 97-pipe rank, resulting in eight or nine stops from a single unified and extended 8'Tibia Clausa rank.
  11. Very similar to " Gentiana clausa ", it has paired, lanceolate leaves, usually on unbranched stalks, and blue or purple blooms which remain closed or nearly closed.
  12. Among his sound innovations were a kind of electro-pneumatic action, the " Diaphone " and the modern " Tibia Clausa " with its strong 82 flute tone.
  13. The Tibia Clausa, or Tibia, is generally found at 16 & prime;, 8 & prime;, 4 & prime; and 2 & prime; pitches as a unified rank.
  14. The high wind pressures also led to the development of instruments that are unique in theatre organs ( such as the diaphone and tibia clausa ), and allowed any rank in the organ to function as a solo instrument.
  15. Similar to the " Bottle Gentians " like " Gentiana clausa " and " Gentiana andrewsii ", it has paired, lanceolate leaves on unbranched stalks, blue or purple blooms, and a stout taproot.
  16. Among his innovations in the field of organ design were improvements to electro-pneumatic action and the invention of such stops as the " Diaphone " and the modern " Tibia Clausa " with its strong 8 & prime; flute tone.
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