1. Above service project is with clausal provision accurate
  2. A contrastive study of chinese and english classical poetry from the perspective of inter - clausal relation
  3. Fulfil demonstrative obligation , ask the underwriter is in namely conclude when insurance contract , show the clausal content of insurance contract to policy - holder
  4. Therefore , which are not very enough for reflecting the real complexity process and , lively and not clausal characteristics of rule ' s formation and order ' s spread
    因而很難反映規則塑造和秩序擴展的實際的復雜過程和生動的( lively )而非條文式( clausal )的特點。
  5. Clausal errors fall into three categories : errors in the use of introductory connectives , errors in clausal structure , and errors in terms of the relation between the subordinate clause and the main clause
  6. It's difficult to find clausal in a sentence. 用clausal造句挺難的
  7. The relative clause : it is defined as a clausal modifier , restrictive or non - restrictive , used to modify a preceding construction , most often a preceding noun or noun phrase
  8. In addition , because there is internal relationship between the formalism of relational database , " relational algebra " , and the clausal logic used by ilp , ilp methods can directly deal with mining task involved in multiple tables of relational database
    此外,由于關系數據庫的形式描述? “關系代數”與ilp的子句邏輯有著內在的關聯性, ilp技術可被直接用于涉及關系數據庫中多個關系(表)的數據挖掘任務。
  9. On clausal design , accomplish fair , justice as far as possible , be in consequently the industry that has demonstrative text version , we advocate bilateral party chooses demonstrative text to serve as reference as far as possible , in its aspirant travel alters the basis accordingly , add
  10. First - order logic provides ilp with a uniform and very expressive means of representation : the background knowledge and the examples , as well as the mined rules , can all be represented as formulas in a clausal language . so we can use naturally background knowledge in the mining process


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