clause elements造句


  1. However these norms are observed irrespective of the number of clause elements preceding the verb.
  2. A picture clause element defines the length of any given datum, much like a dictionary defines words.
  3. By contrast, the term gerund has been used in the grammatical description of other languages to label verbal nouns used in a wide range of syntactic contexts and with a full range of clause elements.
  4. The Creative Commons licenses, designed mainly for media but sometimes used for software, offers license clause elements which allow licensing in the spectrum between open-source, source-available, and public domain.
  5. Subordinated clause elements take no comma ( e . g . " fekete szem黺eges f閞fi "  a man with black glasses  the word " fekete "  black doesn t belong to " f閞fi "  man but to " szem黺eg "  glasses ).
  6. It's difficult to find clause elements in a sentence. 用clause elements造句挺難的


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