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  1. *they both also edited Clubbed thumb numerous times.
  2. The play was next produced by Clubbed Thumb at the HERE Arts Center, New York City in June 2001.
  3. He directed What Then, by Rinne Groff, for Clubbed Thumb, which won an Obie for star Meg MacCarey.
  4. First performed at the 2011 Edinburgh and Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks festivals, it has since been performed by an array of A-list actors.
  5. After finishing the play " Greedy " for Manhattan theater company Clubbed Thumb, Gajdusek temporarily stopped writing plays to focus on writing for the screen.
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  7. She is Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Clubbed Thumb, which " commissions, develops, and produces funny, strange, and provocative new plays by living American writers ."
  8. There has been a backlash over the past ten years with the formation of Playwriting Collectives like 13P and Clubbed Thumb who have gathered members together to produce, rather than develop, new works.
  9. Fox has a form of brachydactyly called clubbed thumb, and has discussed her obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ), insecurities, self-harming, and has acknowledged that she has low self-esteem.
  10. Each season, the theater hosts numerous artist residencies, workshops, and readings to support the development of new work for the American theater, including separate week-long retreats with Clubbed Thumb and NYU s Graduate Musical Theater Writing program.
  11. Her plays have been produced in New York City by Cherry Lane Theatre, Clubbed Thumb, The Civilians, Vineyard Theatre, Dixon Place, and Soho Repertory Theatre and elsewhere by American Repertory Theater, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Gate Theatre and Almeida Theatre.
  12. "Late : A Cowboy Song " was produced by Clubbed Thumb ( New York City ) in 2003 . " Orlando " was commissioned by the Piven Theatre Workshop and premiered in March 2003 at The Actors'Gang, Hollywood, California.
  13. Nearby, at the Ohio Theater ( 66 Wooster St . in Soho ), the Clubbed Thumb company, which won an Obie this year, will present " The Train Play, " by Liz Duffy Adams, from Jan . 11 to Feb 2.
  14. Overall her theater career has led her plays to be put on at many different theaters, including The Goodman Theater, Steppenwolf Theater Company, Teatro Vista, Teatro Luna, Fountain Theater, Clubbed Thumb, Next Theater Company, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and 16th Street Theater.
  15. The company also produces biennial Mainstage productions and an annual " bootcamp " for playwrights, and has released a volume of produced plays, " Funny, Strange, Provocative : Seven Plays from Clubbed Thumb, " published through Playscripts, Inc . and edited by Erin Detrick and Producing Artistic Director Maria Striar.
  16. The play was the first of ten plays that would use Greek texts as a basis upon which Mee would add his new fragments of text and then " throw the scaffolding away and call whatever remained the script . " In 1996, " The Constitutional Convention : A Sequel, " was produced by Clubbed Thumb.
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