1. I don't remember the regular Clue / Cluedo characters.
  2. He also refuses to play Cluedo because Richie always looks at the mystery cards.
  3. In October 2012, Winning Moves sold a Sherlock-themed edition of Cluedo.
  4. Another system was proposed by van Ditmarsch whose main inspiration was the Cluedo game.
  5. OK people, this seems like it's turning into a game of Cluedo.
  6. It's difficult to find cluedo in a sentence. 用cluedo造句挺難的
  7. Super Cluedo sets her occupation to be an ornithologist, much like the Master Detective Peacock.
  8. {{ quote | CLUE Classic is another conversion of the classic board game Clue / Cluedo.
  9. Unlike SteveBaker above, in our house it's been Cluedo all the way this Christmas.
  10. "InfoWorld " described the game as an electronic version of the board gamer Cluedo.
  11. However, Cluedo is again, a vastly different game to the modern role playing dinner party mysteries.
  12. Super Cluedo / Passport to Murder "': again, Brunette makes his first appearance in Britain.
  13. There are some similarities to the 1970s British series Whodunnit ! and the 1990s Australian television game show Cluedo.
  14. The character of "'Green "'has been given two different personas in the Cluedo world.
  15. Ceremonies were being planned to commemorate the impending 150 millionth worldwide sale of the game, known in Britain as Cluedo.
  16. Spong says, " Cluedo takes place mostly in the house where the murder was committed, creating a chilling atmosphere.
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