1. Color look - up table clut
  2. Clut color look - up table
  3. The colour look up table ( clut ) will be used on tell the colour of the subtitles . typical output vertical formats are high definition 1088i and standard definition 720p
    典型的視頻輸出格式為垂直的高清晰度1088i和標準清晰度720p ,水平的高清晰度1920像素每行和標準清晰度1280像素每行。
  4. In fact , no specifications or documentation have ever been released for any macintosh hardware , most notably the adb controller used by the mouse and keyboard , the floppy controller , and all acceleration and clut manipulation of the video hardware though we do now support clut manipulation on nearly all internal video chips
    事實上, macintosh硬件沒有公布任何規格書與文檔,特別是adb控制器用于鼠標和鍵盤軟盤控制器所有的視頻硬件加速和clut處理器雖然我們不支持絕大多數內置顯示芯片的clut處理器。
  5. Gpv ( goose parvovrius ) has been classified by its morphological , biochemical , and clut - ure characteristics as a member of the parvovirus genus of the parvoviridae . lt is a highly fatal disease of gos1ings and muscovy ducklings , the typical pathological lesions was found in digest tract , specially in small intestine
    Gpv ( gooseparvovirus )依據其形態、生化及培養特性被劃歸為細小病毒科細小病毒屬成員,引起雛鵝和雛番鴨高度致死性疾病,主要以消化道,尤其是小腸部位的典型病變為特征。
  6. It's difficult to find clut in a sentence. 用clut造句挺難的


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