coating of mud造句

"coating of mud"是什麽意思   


  1. They returned to a thick coating of mud and a powerful stench.
  2. Then, another corpse was retrieved, carried to the bank of a river, and the coating of mud that covered the victim's features was rinsed clean.
  3. Farther upstream in New Braunfels and other Hill Country towns, residents dealt with thick coatings of mud and, in some cases, structural damage to their homes.
  4. The main highway through the coastal city of Malibu was closed by a thick coating of mud and rock, and motorists abandoned vehicles as they filled with water.
  5. As he watched as rescuers pulled body after body from clammy brown earth, a corpse was carried to the Cauca River, where the coating of mud was rinsed away.
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  7. The roof which was flat, consisted of trunks of trees placed across from one wall to another, and then covered with small branches, grass and rushes; over which a thick coating of mud and gravel was laid . . . . A flight of rude steps against the wall outside leads up to the roof; and thus enables those who will to reach it without entering the house ."


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