collateral victim造句


  1. Serbian authorities call them collateral victims in their hunt for " terrorists ."
  2. He proposes that Fermat is trying to kill him in revenge, and that the others are collateral victims.
  3. Around 170 Chinese envoys were killed during this battle as a collateral victims, which caused the uproar of Chinese Ming Emperor.
  4. OR an outraged Iranian ppl ( manipulated by the press always showing the collateral victims ) may vote and support a ( more ? ) radical goverment.
  5. Overall, most civilian casualties have been ethnic Albanian villagers shelled and shot in what Serbian authorities say are collateral victims in their hunt for " terrorists ."
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  7. But if Fox's Mexico stands among the greatest collateral victims of the Sept . 11 attacks, it is merely at the head of a long line of countries.
  8. In addition, other Middle Eastern peoples ( Turks, Yezidis, Kurds, etc . ) who are mistaken for Arabs because of perceived similarities in appearance have been collateral victims of anti-Arabism.
  9. While Buckingham floats away from Sept . 11 toward a soft landing, Avalar, a collateral victim of the planes that took off from Buckingham's airport, is preparing to plunge into the underground economy.
  10. "Unfortunately, since 1994, the collateral victims were the women of the developing world, " said Nils Daulaire, president of the Global Health Council, a nonprofit group based in Washington and White River Junction, Vt . " This is a totally preventable tragedy.
  11. The identities of collateral victims are usually not investigated by US forces, who systematically count each male military-age corpse as an " enemy killed in action " unless there is clear proof to the contrary, as long as the male was in a militant facility at the time.
  12. Other residents posted pictures on social media showing some of the bodies with their hands tied behind their backs, while police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye said there were " no collateral victims . " Baratuza added that those who attempted to raid the Ngagara military camp retreated and were pursued by security forces who " inflicted on them considerable losses . " Kenya Airways also cancelled flights to Bujumbura International Airport on 11 December but would resume them on 13 December . http : / / in . reuters . com / article / burundi-unrest-idINKBN0TV08L20151213
  13. The user, who replied to each rude outburst with addition and discussion of neutral sources for his edits and, as he expressedly states on his talk page, refused to activate e-mail lest he be accused of cabalism, eventually fell a collateral victim of an ANI thread mentioned below and was blocked for violating WP : NPOV, WP : SYNTH, and WP : OR . After he expressed his astonishment that people are blocked for violating these policies, the block reason was changed to WP : 3RR ( although there appears to have been no violation either ).
  14. Wouldn't it then have been better not to have said it at all ? " Writing in 2003, literary historian Nicolae Manolescu suggested that the reason was entirely subjective : " It is practically impossible to comprehend for instance why H . Sanielevici found Sadoveanu's prose to be so violent in subject and primitive in style, while [ . . . ] Ibrileanu and others readily viewed it as profoundly balanced and artistic in manner . " Jicu is inclined to believe that Sadoveanu was more the " collateral victim " of Sanielevici's attack on Iorga, and that Sanielevici was at his worst in assessing the quality of Sadovenian writings.
  15. Alain de Tonqu閐ec, vice-president of the French association of members of the Order of Malta, commented : " The Order is a collateral victim of the troubled relationship between the pope and Cardinal Raymond Burke . " Erich Lobkowicz, President of the Order's German Association, said that the affair was a " battle between all that Pope Francis stands for and a tiny clique of ultraconservative frilly old diehards ", referring to the ongoing factional dispute within the Order between the German branch's focus on delivering charity services to the poor and sick and a more conservative agenda devoted to the development and promotion of the Order's elite quasi-monastic arm.


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