1. With its over-collateralisation, the CBO would achieve a lower financing cost than is currently prevailing in the market.
  2. "' Auto-collateralisation "'is a collateral stocks ) or the securities that are being purchased (  collateral flows ).
  3. In a CBO, a pool of financial assets are re-financed by a higher grade issue created by including an appropriate level of over-collateralisation and a required level of underlying asset credit enhancement and asset diversification, the statement noted.
  4. It appeared to suggest more secure collateralisation for the overall ECB credits to weaker EMU central banks, which now amount to more than ?800 billion under the ECB's TARGET2 electronic payment system, " Marsh noted in a subsequent column.
  5. Exercise is also a very good long-term treatment for the angina ( but only particular regimens-gentle and sustained exercise rather than intense short bursts ), probably working by complex mechanisms such as improving blood pressure and promoting coronary artery collateralisation.
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