1. Its water is conducted to the regulatory dam of Colorines in the State of M閤ico.
  2. At recent tamalada classes at Los Colorines, a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, men gladly joined women in working the masa.
  3. Color韓 ( plural colorines ) is the name of a type of tree, " Erythrina americana " also called Tzompmitl.
  4. Named for its brightly painted walls, Los Colorines, Avenida de Tepozteco 13, ( 52-739 ) 395-0198, offers outstanding Mexican dishes, like chicken enchilada with mole sauce ( about $ 7 ).
  5. Among other recent CDs, one conducted by Gisele Ben-Dor offers the late " Coronela " together with two tone poems : " Itinerarios " and " Colorines " ( Koch 3-7421-2H1 ).
  6. It's difficult to find colorines in a sentence. 用colorines造句挺難的
  7. Colorines plant also called, cuchillitos ( little knives ) or machetitos ( little machetes, zompantle or coral is a nice flower, red in color and every individual flower resembles a little machete, the flower is edible and is boiled ( only the red part of the flower ) and cooked with scrambled eggs or tuna in many parts of south Mexico.
  8. The zone is conformed by the colonies Hacienda de San Juan, Villa L醶aro C醨denas, Ex Hacienda San Juan de Dios, Arboledas Del Sur, Hacienda de San Juan 2nd Section, Chimalli, The Colorines, Guadeloupe Tlalpan and the colony AMSA . The zone houses big number of parks scattered in all his colonies as well as it also has commercial squares like the shopping centre Paseo Acoxpa.
  9. For the most part, their diet consists of tortillas, made from the Blue, Red, Yellow or White " Sacred corn, " beans, rice and pasta, the occasional chicken or pig ( from which they make " chicharrones " ), chili peppers, supplemented with wild fruits and vegetables of the region, such as " colorines ", a legume gathered from trees, or " ciruelas " ( wild plums ) and guayabas ( guavas ).


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