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  1. Brief report on application of coloring agents to red fuji apples
  2. Kunshan sun coloring agent co . , ltd
  3. Objective : to set up amethod to detect the carcinogen coloring agent sudan hong in food by high performance liquid chromatography ( hplc )
  4. Simple and convenient time - keeper controls accurate standard measure work , also is available in micro and accurate coloring agent measure
  5. In 2003 , imports of the pigment , used as color agents in the production of paint and coatings , amounted to $ 4 . 2 million from china and $ 0 . 4 million from india
  6. It's difficult to find coloring agent in a sentence. 用coloring agent造句挺難的
  7. Under the preliminary experimental research , the micro - actuator was substituted by a buzzer , water and ink were separately used as working substance and coloring agent
  8. This dissertation performs some basic work on material of color sl , and shows the influence of coloring agents on the photo - resin . it will greatly promote the development of color sl technology
  9. The model made by sl is translucent . the research described in this dissertation is about the change of single layer depth and mechanical property when the coloring agent is interfused into the photo - resin
  10. The hurley side of the family all tend towards premature grayness , but our caroling would have none of that , so she bought a rich brown hair - coloring agent and , after messing up the bathroom totally , emerged looking gorgeous , with brand new hair
  11. Afterwards the author presents the character of resin and chooses some kinds of coloring agents . the experiments are carried out to compare the change of single layer depth of cured resin when the coloring agent is interfused into photo - resin . furthermore several coloring agents are modified to face the interfusion problem


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