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  1. the colored material is said to conform beer's law .
  2. the coloring material results from contact of the water with organic debris, such as leaves, needles of conifers and wood, an in various stage of decomposition .
  3. the colored material is said to conform beer's law
  4. specifies whether a device can perform color material source operations
  5. obe becomes partner of color material lab, munich pool center for innovative companies
  6. It's difficult to find coloring materials in a sentence. 用coloring materials造句挺難的
  7. this mixer is applicable to mixing of the color material in granular form, fodder, 0foods and other material
  8. different vegetable juices are used as coloring materials in the making of this kind of bean curds
  9. b gfc machine is used for filling two color materials into one tube and sealing, filling material is of clear strip when it is squeezed
  10. b gfc machine is used for filling double color materials into one tube and sealing, and the filling material has clear strip when it is squeezed
  11. shr series high-speed mixers are used in mixing, stirring, drying, coloring materials in plastics, rubber, and chemical industries
  12. and please check if it's posible to find below color material for sampling to give client more choice ? thanks . we need the simples by 6 / 11
  13. introduce the surney of the products of embryo glaze in qian long year, analysis the characters on color material, modelling, decorative design in a utensil, inscription in in qian long year
  14. over the past decades, this company has spared no efforts in the study of plastic paint, supplementary materials and developed mother color materials for rubber, eva foaming
  15. established in 1992, shanghai huatao chemical co ., ltd . is specialized in high quality color material . we have already passed the bvqi certificate of france and iso9001 certificate
  16. specially, the axial tensile strength of the interface of the new and old concrete has reached above 2.40mpa, greatly surpassing the preconcert goal ( > 1.0mpa ), and its flexural strength also above 5.80mpa, having surpassed the preconcert target and the standard request ( 4.50mpa ) . ( 2 ) after hardening 4h and 8h the compressive strength of the patched concrete is bigger than 20 mpa, which can satisfy the request of fast patching . ( 3 ) the ych color material, which is mixed into rapid sulfoaluminate cement-concrete patching material, can take better effect and avoid chromatism on the appearance of new-old concrete
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